Agnostic Front - _My Life My Way_
(Nuclear Blast, 2011)
by: Aaron McKay (9.5 out of 10)
Never taking the easy way and often the path less traveled, this New York hardcore unit now unhinges the battle cry _My Life My Way_. The album title represents more of a mission statement for living than a mere statement of fact for the venerable Agnostic Front. Never content to let well enough alone, AF have pushed things again to the brink of the societal commentary envelope, cutting against the grain and stirring the pot with their instantly recognizable musical dynamite.

After the ineffaceable 2004 release _Another Voice_ and the cannon-blast of an effort _Warriors_, Agnostic Front blasts back with _My Life My Way_, their newest effort with Nuclear Blast Records since 2007. Albeit four long years off the scene's grid, _MLMW_ is Agnostic Front's explanation that fans will absolutely, straight-away forgive and forget this absence.

Hard-charging as ever -- like being strapped on the nose of a lunar shuttle during take-off -- AF has refined and distinguished their choppy, bombastic hardcore sound on _MLMW_ to near perfection. Ripping through thirteen tracks on this album in just shy of thirty-five minutes, Agnostic Front sacrifices absolutely no punchy aggressiveness, driving grooves or clear delivery of their reliably honest message.

There are those that were inspired to break new ground -- Dead Kennedys, Ramones, Black Flag -- and then there is Agnostic Front, in their own right pioneers, continuing to wave the banner of reinvention and inspiration. This go around recorded with the assistance of Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal) at Mana Studios and produced by Freddy Cricien of the legendary Madball, Agnostic Front has never been more on the top of their game. An absolutely crushing effort!


(article published 6/3/2011)

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