Titans Eve - _The Divine Equal_
(Independent, 2010)
by: Mark Dolson (8.5 out of 10)
Despite my initial judgement of the cover artwork being rather bad, I do have to say that the music on Titans Eve's debut album, _The Divine Equal_, is pretty darn good. Titans Eve are actually from Vancouver -- a city definitely not well known for producing metal acts. Actually, come to think of it, I can't really even name any good metal bands that I know of from British Columbia at all. Well, maybe good old Blasphemy from Burnaby, but that's pretty much it. Anyways, the band started in 2008; and then in 2009 they put out a self-released EP (which I've never heard) titled _Into the Fire_.

After having listened to _The Divine Equal_, I can say that this is some good mid-paced thrash with some groovy and melodic, almost Gothenburg-style tendencies. Don't let this distract you, though, as Titans Eve are predominantly a thrash band, and not a melodic death metal band. As far as comparisons, I'd be willing to say that Titans Eve sound somewhat like a cross between good old Evil Dead (you've got to love these guys), especially from their _The Underworld_ album from 1991; Ravenous -- just in terms of some of the riffs that are a little reminiscent of _Book of Covetous Souls_; and a hint of Dark Tranquillity's _The Mind's I_.

_The Divine Equal_ features some great riffs, fantastic solos and really solid drumming strewn across its 37 minute duration. Some highlights on the album are "Nightfall", "Living Lifeless" (with an opening riff that reminded me of Kreator circa _Extreme Aggression_), "Judgement" and "Searching for Nothing". The production is nice and clear, and allows all of the instruments the space they need; however, the vocals sound just a little too low and dry in the mix for my liking. The main vocals can be described as a fairly low, gruff shout that sounds really similar (to me anyways) to good old Johnny Hedlund from Unleashed. Offsetting the lower gruff vocals are some higher-register shouts. While sounding gruff as well, these higher-register vocals also attempt to be a little more melodic while maintaining that aggressive edge (think of Johan Edlund on _Wildhoney_ when he tried to actually sing in his characteristically gruff croon).

For a debut album, I think _The Divine Equal_ is an excellent start. I'm really interested in hearing what these guys will come up with next. The only disappointing thing with Titans Eve is that they aren't signed to a label (as far as I know, anyways). Hopefully things will change for these guys soon, as they're too good not to be signed. If you're into thrash with some melodic sensibilities, then make sure to check out Titans Eve.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/titanseveofficial

(article published 13/2/2011)

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