Mr. Peter Hayden - _Faster Than Speed_
(Winter Records, 2010)
by: Chaim Drishner (7.5 out of 10)
_Faster Than Speed_ is a double-track, almost 70 minutes long instrumental affair of laid back, somber Southern rock, Americana style. Only it was recorded by a Finnish band...

Great modern interpretation of dark and heavy blues, played by a full classic rock line-up, in addition to some mild keyboards, effects and a saxophone. The music is extremely psychedelic and epic, incorporating southern sludgy stoner rock elements as well as some alternative country music. Every single moment is extremely tight and energetic, yet bears a hazy, lazy sort of character. The sound is full-bodied, thick, spiritually abrasive and day-dream inducing. The mental heaviness stands in stark contrast to the airy character of the spacey sounds; the sonic plot is light, the guitar effects being used never approach a full blown heavy distortion, yet the mental effect is accentuated and heightened by the sum of all the instrumentation and by their reflective, usually low-pitched sound delivery.

_Faster Than Speed_ is ironically titled, as the music is slow and plodding, but it is also an accomplishment; the triumph of this very recording lies within the fact it is purely instrumental, rather simple and non-adventurous an album, yet its almost 70 minutes leave no room for boredom or redundancy. Every second matters, every second counts, and the pleasure it gives is as vast as the recording itself. Although unique in sound, if one had to pigeonhole the music of Mr. Peter Hayden, think of a hybrid between Across Tundras and Bohren & der Club of Gore, due to its jazzy, almost improvisational alienating quality. Get this gem!


(article published 13/2/2011)

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