Heirs - _Fowl_
(Denovali Records, 2010)
by: Aly Hassab El Naby (7.5 out of 10)
The produce of the renowned label Denovali Records is not something we tackle in our daily routine here at CoC. Names like Blueneck, Her Name Is Calla and The Samuel Jackson Five reside on a completely different spectrum from that which we cover. Yet on this rare occasion, I gladly introduce you, our dear readers, to one of the heavier albums Denovali has produced in 2010: _Fowl_ by Heirs. In the interest of getting pleasantries out of the way, Heirs come from the Australian city of Melbourne, and their music coasts through many emotions through a dark affair that brings a sense of heaviness and arid helplessness to even the strongest of hearts.

I took to the streets on a rare rain soaked night in Cairo. The muddy aftermath of the rain slowed the already suffocatingly slow traffic and the small puddles forming in the lower recesses of the asphalt gave me less pavement area on which to walk. The night fog, the cold winds along with the infinite array of slow cars moving harmoniously combined to form a bleak image for which only _Fowl_ is the perfect soundtrack. The stagnant nature of the city on such a damp night fit perfectly with the slow plodding repetitions of "Dust" and "Fowl". The refreshingly cold winter breeze that hit me when I reached a nearby park was the perfect way to capture the upbeat nature of "Mother".

The appeal of _Fowl_ is not in any muscle work from any of the band members; it is in the atmosphere they've crafted together. There's no complex structuring, only an overpoweringly dense compaction of layers building together a wall of sound that eclipses the listener's attention for forty-five minutes; just listen to "Drain" and take a wild guess how long it lasts without looking, and I guarantee you your answer won't be six minutes. The stripped down, straightforward approach used by Heirs on this record gives new meaning to the expression "less is more".

Contact: http://www.heirs.com.au

(article published 13/2/2011)

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