Rorcal - _Heliogabalus_
(Cal of Ror / Division / Urgence Disk, 2010)
by: Chaim Drishner (9 out of 10)
Rorcal's latest is a 70 minutes, single track monolithic mammoth. It collapses under its own heaviness, and presents to us a less varied and less atmospheric Rorcal, but a very angry one. Rorcal, a Swiss band who often than not flies under the RADAR, plays what is referred to as doomcore; slow and heavy, usually very atmospheric, brand of post-hardcore, along the lines of Overmars, the French band Dirge and a handful of other fine outfits. Their debut self-released EP _The Way We Are, the Way We Were, the Way We Will Be... _ has shown a fine balance between the band's abilities to musically annihilate with sheer oceanic, sonic power and its mellower side in the form of excellently written and performed ambient, incorporated into the band's massive sound.

_Heliogabalus_, the band's sophomore full-length album, is an entirely different beast. The atmosphere is contained within the thick, thunderous riffs; it is undivided, inseparably stitched into the heavy, impenetrable fabric of the music. Thunderous at all times, the distorted guitars build a huge wall of sound, whose fortification are the ritualistic drums which push the sluggish pace further, a relentless subterranean storm, both menacing and devouring. The droning guitars and the sparse usage of keyboards both enhance and transcend the otherwise simplistic and monotonous slab of distorted guitars and rumbling drums, while the excellent screeching and searing throat treatment adds another dimension of sorrowfulness and hatred to the already grave atmosphere of hopelessness which governs the recording.

_Heliogabalus_ is an album to revere and appreciate greatly. It is made of the very same materials a truly epic album is made from; an album to dwell within its wonders for many years to come. This musical experience will not exhaust itself after a couple of spins, you have my guarantee.


(article published 15/1/2011)

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