Epoch of Unlight - _Black and Crimson Glory_
(Y.F.L.H.D., 1997)
by: Henry Akeley (8.5 out of 10)
Three tracks of unrelenting excellence from a band with a razor-sharp, energetic, and distinctive sound. Labels like "black death" come to mind here, but such grab-all terms definitely don't do justice to the originality and musicality which abound on this MCD. Early Morbid Angel provides a good point of reference -- not because Epoch of Unlight sound especially Angelic, but because they demonstrate the same winning combination of intelligence, technical prowess, and crafty creativity. The riffs are not bludgeons but scalpels: blackish, perhaps, but with sharper edges and more melodic definition. (Check out the great riffs in the brilliant "Silver Mistress", and you'll see what I mean.) The memorable songs all have lively structures with plenty of engaging changes and bouts of blasting speed -- top notch drumming, too. Vocals are done in a blackened style, frequently shifting from snarls to more anguished barks as wild barbarian yarns are spun atop the serpentine strings. The production is great as well. More importantly, though, the band's overall sound is very much their own: cutting, barbed, swift METAL, bristling with electrified spikes. Killer work, highly recommended.

Contact: EPOCH OF UNLIGHT, 3125 South Mendenhall

(article published 17/11/1997)

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