11 as in Adversaries - _The Full Intrepid Experience of Light_
(ATMF, 2010)
by: Chaim Drishner (5 out of 10)
A great concept and an unusual moniker, plus heaps of good intentions to offer something unique, are probably not always enough. There's nothing really avantgarde in this debut album, despite the enthusiasm this band surely possesses. In no way is this album challenging or engaging. It all boils down, when you come to think about it, to a grunge band trying to play hard and heavy music, but eventually sounding like nothing more than an alternative rock band, and not very good one at that. An utterly annoying vocalist, too happy for his own good, is presiding over these post-thrash groovy guitars that in turn try to prove they are worthy at playing intricately, but ultimately fail to grip the listener's attention or infuse an ominous ingredient like every good non-commercial album should.

The recording is heavy on electronica, super-polished and loud, and the assorted styles and influences on display simply don't stick together, which ultimately results in alienating the listener. The music relies greatly on the production and the redundant additives rather than on the songwriting as a standalone value. A couple of darker, more extreme metal oriented tracks, charged with gritty and mysterious vocals and these semi-tragic, theatrical riffs are what saves this album from being completely ridiculed upon. If you want to listen to something a tad different -- not necessarily good, just different -- pick this album up and proceed with caution.

Contact: http://www.atmf.net/

(article published 29/12/2010)

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