Near - _The Opening of the Primordial Whirl_
(ATMF, 2010)
by: Chaim Drishner (3 out of 10)
There's nothing more frustrating than wasted potential; the right label, the aesthetic aspects, the promotion and the time and money that surely had been invested -- it's all here. What this album lacks is talent and a slice of originality. It's like these guys went to sleep in 1985 or something, and woke up only to pick up where they had left -- that is to play this thin, insubstantial, god-awful, totally uninspired and watered-down primordial black metal of sorts. Endless one-dimensional blasting accompanies a clueless and hardly discernible couple of riffs which fail at generating atmosphere or aggression. The whole recording lacks dynamics; it sounds weary, tediously and clumsily maneuvering in the most amateurish of ways towards the final conclusion after more than forty minutes of torture: this band does not know what good music is all about. Condolences go to the label which wasted resources on this garbage. Avoid!


(article published 29/12/2010)

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