Cenotaph - _Epic Rites_
(Oz Productions, 1996)
by: Paul Schwarz (9 out of 10)
This band truly amazes me. This was one of last year's best albums. _Epic Rites_ has an excellent, crunchy production and songs similar, in type and quality, to the Gothenburg greats (you know them by now). Cenotaph, however, have a lot more to offer than just rip-offs of their favourite bands. It's hard for me to break down what I like about the music on this album (and believe me I've tried), but the central brilliance is the honesty with which it is played: here you have a band who really LOVE their music, and their passion gives the songs incredible depth and resonance. If pushed, I would say three distinct things stand out of Cenotaph's musical arrangements: 1) The catchy yet heavy choruses and repeated song sections, 2) the double bass drumming which is used sparingly but to great effect, 3) the dynamic changes within songs. This last factor will make you grin and play air guitar during nearly every song: you'll be listening to a quiet brooding arpeggio, something will be spoken softly, and suddenly you are greeted with a full on sound and an incredible riff. This happens on "Crying Frost", and the effect is mirrored on various songs on the album. This album proves that you don't have to be from Sweden to play this music and play it masterfully.

Contact: X-Rated Records, c/o Mathias Kietzmann

(article published 17/11/1997)

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