The Dead - _Ritual Executions_
(Diabolical Conquest, 2010)
by: Chaim Drishner (7 out of 10)
Remembering The Dead's self-titled 2007 album as well as their 2006 7" single, this reviewer had little expectations with _Ritual Executions_, frankly speaking. Not that this recording has totally revolutionized the opinion about this Australian death metal act, but it did manage to spark interest, for The Dead have managed to slow down and assemble a bad-ass sounding album of a unique style: sludge death metal. Neglecting speed and focusing more on the guitar factor, The Dead deliver a dissonant, almost stoner sounding death metal with riffs you actually can hear. The sound is huge, very dirty and underground, but surprisingly hard hitting and clear, while the vocalist (the only true, "classic" sounding death metal element on the recording) is either a fucking inhuman beast or uses some kind of voice processing effect -- otherwise it's not clear how the hell he manages to deliver the vocals he does. There is, however, a second, more high-pitched but no less evil sounding throat treatment here and there, as well as very sporadic bursts of blastbeats done right, therefore they are short and sweet. These alien additions to the overall sound do not deter the music nor the listener from the filthy, sludgy and very clear message these guys deliver: a slow doom-like, tragic, dissonant metal of death with both a unique sound and style and a coherent vision to their musical agenda, which can be at times a bit childish (judging only by their lyrics). Never the less, The Dead has recorded an apt and unique an album, which is also one of the heaviest around but also quite melodic at times, as strange as it may seem. Think Black Sabbath playing death metal and you won't miss by much.


(article published 29/11/2010)

10/5/2008 C Drishner 2.5 The Dead - The Dead
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