Phantom Glue - _Phantom Glue_
(Teenage Disco Bloodbath, 2010)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (5 out of 10)
This Allston, Massachusetts quartet lists Electric Wizard, High on Fire and Pentagram as influences, but to this listener that's giving themselves way too much credit: you can pretty much narrow it down to just High on Fire. From the copycat vocals to the rumbling, often tribal beat of the drums and the epic guitar crunch, there is precious little this crew -doesn't- rip off from Matt Pike & co. In fact, I'd love to write Phantom Glue off entirely, except that as a HoF tribute act they pull it off pretty well. It doesn't hurt that they have producer extraordinaire Kurt Ballou (Converge, Torche) in their corner. But fuck it, I can't go any higher than a 5.0 rating just on principle. I also refuse to analyze specific songs since there is nary an original thought to be found on any of them. Pass.


(article published 26/10/2010)

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