Lustre - _A Glimpse of Glory_
(De Tenebrarum Principio, 2010)
by: Aaron McKay (9 out of 10)
Sheer abysmal expanses exploring what can only be referred to as negative minimalism, the Swedish elemental project nearly defies the notion that this could, and indeed is, a one man black metal conceptualization. As a previous member of fellow countrymen Hypothermia, Nachtzeit (instrumentation and vocals) seemingly thrives in relative ambient obscurity combining key elements of barren, pure hopelessness and unadulterated dense naturalistic soundscapes.

Tracks "I, "II" and "III" embody _A Glimpse of Glory_'s inner sanctum. Each clocking in at more than ten minutes, with "I" comprising the longest piece at slightly more than sixteen minutes of organic objective emotionalism and quiet despair.

Heavy-laden woe and brilliantly subtle discordant guitar mixed harmoniously with mood-inducing subterranean atmosphere engulf the album from beginning to end. Also, carefully injected tormented vocals surface ever-so-sparingly throughout the album. Some comparisons of Lustre to early Burzum, Summoning (Hail!!), Mortiis and Skepticism are certainly justified, yet in some way categorically confine the base nature of the primeval raw creation that dwells within _A Glimpse of Glory_.

No question, this select style would be characterized as an acquired taste, but those disposed to drinking deeply from the inconsolable despondency flowing forth from Lustre's impenetrable depths, you will find precious few more quenching than _A Glimpse of Glory_.


(article published 4/9/2010)

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