Sinister Realm - _Sinister Realm_
(Shadow Kingdom Records, 2009)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
Determined to keep the spirit of true heavy metal burning stateside, Shadow Kingdom have unleashed another fine example of NWOBHM, 21st century style. Sinister Realm boasts two members from traditionally minded outfit Pale Divine, dropping the doom to evoke a simpler era where the only metal was heavy metal. Their inspiration is as obvious as their adoration for classic metal, as rhythms and melodies that can be traced back to legends such as Dio (RIP), Manowar, Black Sabbath and Celtic Frost can be discerned with minimal effort. If none of those bands appeals to you -- or indeed the entire NWOBHM movement -- then read no further. (And if those names don't sound familiar, you really should be elsewhere.) If you're yearning for a time when metal vocalists actually sung, a time when sing-along choruses and not cleverer-then-thou polyrhythmic dissonance dominates, then this is for you. Sure, you've heard all this before in some form or another, but it rarely sounded this good this side of hair metal. I've entered the sinister realm; you should too.


(article published 28/7/2010)

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