Sammath - _Triumph in Hatred_
(Folter Records, 2009)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Dutch unit Sammath find inspiration in a combination of war metal and Marduk velocity, only slightly tempered by a dose of melody. Bass is just a four letter word, and combined with a castrati croak, imparts an extremely high screech factor, exceeded only by Macedonia fetishists Baltak. The "blazing storm of steel" approach is not without merit, and the trebly and inexorable blitzkrieg blasting masks what can be fairly complex rhythms; but as with many others pursuing sonic war, it is tolerable only in limited quantities before dissolving into a morass of indistinguishable and interchangeable blastbeats. Even pace-shifting stalwarts such as acoustic passages and pseudo-atmospheric interludes are wholly absent, making it abundantly clear that the Sammath panzer division have a single minded focus. Such a focus is not to be derided, but just needs to be channeled into smaller packages. After all, _Reign in Blood_ is a mere 29 minutes.


(article published 28/7/2010)

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