Devius - _Infinity Echoes_
(Independent, 2009)
by: Aly Hassab El Naby (6 out of 10)
The late great Chuck Schuldiner has influenced many a young metal band during his career as Death's main man, and his works continue to do so for him now, more than eight years after his passing. The Argentine group Devius are obviously influenced by his works and some other classical death metal bands that have experimented a little with conventions; Cynic and Atheist to name a couple. Devius' first effort is the six track EP _Infinity Echoes_, which portrays their admiration and respect for these iconic aforementioned bands, but it also has the band's own touch.

Devius can do the heavy and aggressive parts quite proficiently and they can also nail the clean sections. However, the specific order with which they've chosen to arrange their songs, the transitions don't always feel natural. Case in point: "The Impossibility of Creation". On the other hand, "The Inner Procession" stands as the EP's most impressive cut. The bass guitar is very audible and the guitar solo is cleverly executed. "Ofrenda" (which means "offering" in English) is a guitar based track with a touch of spirituality and some non-metal percussions behind it to insinuate the mood. The heavy and melodic "Theory of Murder" ends the EP with its soaring melodies and technical drumming.

_Infinity Echoes_ barely exceeds twenty minutes, but throughout its six tracks one can see prominent Cynic and Death influences. The progressive version of death metal presented here is nothing groundbreaking, but that doesn't undermine this effort one bit. Devius are clearly a skilled band with potential. These four Córdobans have put together an enjoyable EP, and barring some unforeseen left turns in the future, they can make it bigger in the underground scene.


(article published 13/6/2010)

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