Skrew - _Angel Seed XXIII_
(Metal Blade, 1997)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
Texas industrial/metal outfit Skrew has been a popular outfit as far as CoC is concerned. We have featured a story on them in the past (CoC # 9), and both Gino and I really dug the band's last effort, 1996's _Shadow Of Doubt_, with its hard industrial delivery, coated with metal riffs and angst-ridden vocals. While following along the same lines as _SoD_ or 1993's sound-montage _Dusted_, the new record by the sextet has broken down the barriers of hard-edged industrial overtones and metallic riffs and interspersed some cool atmospheric qualities. Don't think at once that the band has softened their sound - that is not what has happened here. What has happened is that songwriter/singer/guitarist/producer Adam Grossman has let go of the sounds and ideas of where his band should be and allowed other ideas to filter into Skrew's momentum, thus altering the sound a bit while still maintaining a Skrew sound and style. And it has worked. As always with a Skrew record, nothing seems to work more than Grossman's sinister and distorted vocals piercing through feedback and darkened tales told. While Skrew has seen some praise form many music critics, this band has never broken big or developed a huge fan base - say similar to a Sepultura fan base - and that is a shame. This is a good, honest record that will see multiple listens on my CD player in the coming months.

(article published 16/10/1997)

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