Six Feet Under - _Warpath_
(Metal Blade, 1997)
by: Adrian Bromley (9 out of 10)
This has got to be the biggest surprise for me this year. What a great record _Warpath_ is. I really wasn't too fond of SFU's debut disc _Haunted_ (1995) or 1996's live EP _Alive And Dead_, because I felt that the band wasn't doing anything groundbreaking or exciting. Not to say that the latest installment of SFU is totally original or groundbreaking; it's just that singer/growler Chris Barnes and company have totally put some life into this project. The songs seem a lot more vibrant, in the sense that there is a killer groove binding the tracks together, and the band seems tighter the second time around. In other words, they have worked out their kinks. Opener "War Is Coming" sets the tone for the destruction that is coming our way in the form of "stoner death metal". Run and hide! With _Warpath_, Barnes has brought a more varied singing style into SFU (though his gargles and growls reminiscent of Cannibal Corpse are still present), and the lyrics and subject matter seem to have taken on more of a "real life" approach, rather than just singing about dead corpses and gutting victims. With a lot of the music and concepts here inspired by a lot of marijuana use (Barnes is a "pothead"), it's no wonder the songs seem so fucked up, yet so pounding and "in yer face". Gotta love a band that scraps all preconceived notions about what they do or what they should do and just turns up the amps and cranks it out loud and raw. SFU delivers this time, and I hope they can keep this up.

(article published 16/10/1997)

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