Infernal Angels - _Midwinter Blood_
(My Kingdom Music, 2009)
by: Quentin Kalis (6.5 out of 10)
The extreme aspects give rise to strong atavistic tendencies, and this time Italian project Infernal Angels don corpse paint and unpronounceable pseudonyms as if it were 1997. That means fast tremolo picking and lots and lots of blasting. Which is not bad in and of itself, and legends such as Gorgoroth and Dissection are bandied about as inspiration. The problem is that by definition, such recidivist acts do not provide anything new, and as much as I enjoyed this, it will probably be forgotten in a few weeks when the New Year's hangover starts to wear off. Others, especially those who can't get enough of this particular style, will love it -- and with good reason, as it is one of the better examples. It just doesn't have even a smidgen of novelty, and that missing iota can make all the difference between a great retro album and just another anonymous brick in the black metal wall.


(article published 24/12/2009)

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