Gnaw Their Tongues - _All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity_
(Crucial Blast, 2009)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (6.5 out of 10)
More sandpaper avant doom serial killer worship. This guy is on a release schedule that truly defies any attempt at marketing. Ere long Crucial Blast is going to have to start insisting on a "Richard Bachman"-like pseudonym, not that that would make the tangled discography any easier to unravel. The bottom line is Mories is just cocooned in his own little moody, frightening world. His work sounds like multiple horror movie soundtracks running concurrently throw a paper shredder and amplified within the confines of a corrugated sheet metal warehouse. Noisy as fuck is what it is.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, and truthfully when I get one of his releases in the mail I instinctively rejoice, because Mories -- who does all his own artwork as well tackling all instrumentation -- really has a good eye for packaging, not to mention verbose, intriguing album and song titles, and with Crucial Blast's willingness to spend a few bucks on things like ornate digipaks and multipanel booklets featuring little more than just -more- artwork, you want this stuff to be the kind of thing you pull off the shelf often just on that basis alone.

But is it really? I gotta lean toward a soft "no". It's brutal and effective in small doses, or as dark "head" music when you're getting some writing done and need a sinister instrumental backdrop to set the mood, but ironically it's the artwork that really drives home just how interchangeable the music itself is. Get your hands on enough Gnaw Their Tongues releases and you will definitely have your particular favorites in terms of the artwork, but it's unlikely you''ll favor any given one of the discs inside. Frequently you hear artists say that isolating favorites amongst their own material is akin to loving one child more than the next; guys like Mories make it easy on themselves by essentially cloning their firstborn again and again, slapping a new set of clothes on each one so they won't forget their names.


(article published 13/11/2009)

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