The Duskfall - _The Dying Wonders of the World_
(Nuclear Blast, 2007)
by: Aly Hassab El Naby (4 out of 10)
The Duskfall could be the perfect example of a middle-class melodic death metal band, as they don't really differ much from those around them. In spite of presenting the necessary ingredients needed in the composition of a punchy and remarkable melodic death metal album, they don't seem to put enough of each in the mix. _The Dying Wonders of the World_ is the fourth studio album from this northern Swedish group, and with it they mark eight years as a band, yet still remain without a spectacle for us to gaze upon.

Generally speaking, the guitarists had the habit of playing their average melodies on a lower volume than the rest of their riffs and chords, which didn't really help them stand out when so direly needed. A couple of interesting ideas were provided by the drumming department via the seemingly unguided fills on the opener "Paradises Into Deserts" and the mosh-inducing "Deep in Your World". The hardcore breakdown on "Some More Sin on My Burden" stands as the only surprising element on the track, but it is still nothing extraordinary. "Shadows and Cancer" and "The Option and the Poison" are two very similar, non-expansive and predictable tracks and so is the case with the rather obscurely named closing piece "I've Only Got Knives for You". The highest point in terms of musicianship on offer here is "Bring Us Your Infected", where the bass guitar was (for the only time) audible and the guitars did some clever interplay with the drums.

_Lifetime Supply of Guilt_ was in fact a higher than average album by The Duskfall, but this follow-up effort doesn't push anything forward and as it pulls to an end you might be reminding yourself not to listen to the whole thing the next time around, because the 'intriguing moment' wasn't the highlight of this 41 minute mediocre affair. It's a decent album if you're one of the freaks who worship any band just because they're Swedish, but it has a quick listening expiration. One can only wonder how far such bland composition could be taken.


(article published 13/11/2009)

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