Exiled From Light - _Descending Further Into Nothingness_
(Hypnotic Dirge Records, 2009)
by: Yulon Zhu (7 out of 10)
Exiled From Light remains 'neath the darkness still with _Descending Further Into Nothingness_, a darkness full of melodic direness. Solo mastermind Mort eclipses his own grey life through his crumbling hands, now coming forth with a vibrating disc of muted and suppressed black metal from New Zealand. Containing six tracks from "Descending... (Intro)" to "Drowning... (Neath the Waves of Melancholy)" the titles present a forecast of screaming, somber solitude in the form of depressive black metal.

On "Further Into Nothingness" (after intro "Descending...") Mort digs into the ground as a shroud of mid-paced ambience made up of echoing guitars and crisp, steady drum blasts encircles. Screaming kicks in, and of course they are of the dry, mournful cries this toxic sub-genre of black metal is known for -- though Mort's screams aren't really depraved and maniacal in nature as say some of depressive / suicidal black metal's Swedish offspring are. The music continues, introducing slight nuances into the dark vibrations such as a breakdown that shakes off the battering bass drum and slows the music down.

Dying out into "Neath the Oppressing Moonlight", the title suggests Mort trying to find solace in the middle of the night and being interrupted by the strong, blinding glow of the moon. A melodic guitar breaks through the silence while Mort's screams follow through in an eruption that brings in the rest of the instruments. "Lurking Within Twilight" is a mid-climax of the utmost melancholy. Everything ties together to create a memorable change in the albums hypnotic repetitiveness. The music is unleashed into a barrage of depressive black metal at its best, while "Suffering Waits With Wide Open Eyes" plunges down into a pit of powerful vibrations, much stronger than before. A mid-time break into a contrast of simple beauty after is shattered by Mort's screams and more sinking heaviness.

From frost-bitten Canada's Hypnotic Dirge Records is a packaged wind of bleakness that arrives at your door with the name _Descending Further Into Nothingness_. Exiled From Light's Mort is involved in plenty of other projects such as When Mine Eyes Blacken, Nystagmus and Schizophrenia, all of which also try to capture and frame a piece of the "shadow self" of humanity. Expect more good things to come from this one-manned black metal ghost ship.

(article published 24/10/2009)

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