Laetitia in Holocaust - _The Tortoise Boat_
(Independent, 2009)
by: Quentin Kalis (3.5 out of 10)
Primal black metal offers few opportunities for exploration beyond its narrow confines, and Laetitia in Holocaust deserve to be commended for their attempts to do so, if nothing else. A non-distorted and jangling guitar tone -- similar to that on Graveland's _Following the Voice of Blood_ -- is used and suffers from a similar problem of songs sounding drawn out and, well, irritating. Once the listener gets past this, some standard black riffs emerge -- see the beginning of "A Gesture Before You Enter the Darkness", which is really just a conventional _Transilvanian Hunger_ styled approach. Even by black metal standards the performance is loose and error ridden, and the production is shoddy with a variable volume level. Were it not for an admittedly welcome attempt at differentiation from the pseudonymed and panda faced hordes, this would have even less to offer.


(article published 4/11/2009)

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