Thundra - _Ignored by Fear_
(Einheit Productions, 2009)
by: Charlotte Beskeen (7 out of 10)
As the dexterous fingers of winter begin to drag us inexorably to the heart of the season, there is no better prompt for the return of freezing winds than the third Northman studio attack of ex Enslaved, Revheim, Stund, Einherjer and Johansen. _Ignored by Fear_ combines the maelstrom of traditional Viking essence of Borknagar's _The Olden Domain_, the sheer gristle of early Enslaved and lurching, avantgarde theatricality of _La Masquerade Infernale_. It's a surprise indeed to uncover mellifluously cool guitar blues on "Formed by Power", less maybe of the distinctly Norther sounding melodeath guitar shredding on "Suffocation". Far more precious however, is the icy husk of genuine marrow-freezing Norwegian black metal shredding that is so blandly recycled by hundred of bands merely reaching covers status. After Kampfar's _Heimgang_, this proves the irrefutable truth: that Norwegians do it best.

(article published 24/9/2009)

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