Dysrhythmia - _Psychic Maps_
(Relapse, 2009)
by: Daniel Cairns (6 out of 10)
There is some music that exists solely to show off the technical dexterity of the artist. The Dillinger Escape Plan spring to mind, as do Meshuggah. Limp Bizkit came up with some pretty sick and technical complexity in their day as well. It's all admirably learned stuff.

Dysrythmia are another such band. Spiralling, cascading riffs chime and spazz dissonantly, and crushing polyrhythmic drums keep chaotic order on their new record _Psychic Maps_. It's pretty much a peerless example of how dizzying and proficient technical metal can be.

It's also (whisper it) a bit dull.

Don't get me wrong, _Psychic Maps_ is probably incredible if you're into this sort of thing, but if the thought of a 40 odd minute jazz-prog noodle fest doesn't float your gondola, it's one to avoid. It's initially overwhelming, but after about 15 minutes it sounds like the jiggery and pokery that probably goes on inside the head of an emotionless husk of a character from Star Trek or something equally shitty. It becomes hard to follow and sleep inducing. You're left wondering why Dysrhythmia have taken the fun out of metal.

You see, most noisy music is inherently retarded. That's what is so good about it. Our attention spans can't permit us to enjoy nice music like Fleet Foxes or Coldplay, so we turn to grind and death and whatever ridiculously gnarly sounding genre seems the most sick and interesting, and I'm afraid Dysrhythmia sound neither nasty nor interesting.

It's all well and good having the chops, but you need the oven, condiments and the utensils to do exciting things with the chops. Meshuggah have the chops, and they sprinkle lots of magical, bad sci-fi induced fairy dust over the top. Cannibal Corpse also have the chops, and sprinkle guts, entrails and comedy value over theirs.

Dysrythmia have the chops too. But they just seem to smear them in noodles and wank.


Contact: http://www.myspace.com/dysrhythmiaband

(article published 30/9/2009)

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