Horna / Peste Noire - _Split_
(Debemur Morti Productions, 2007)
by: S. Martin (8 out of 10)
Finland's renowned black metal act Horna and the French purveyors of exquisitely crafted black metal known as Peste Noire have put forth one track each on this short untitled EP, and created one of the most aggressive, yet productive, black metal splits in a long time. This straight-to-the-point split features no bullshit; its fierce brutality, its melodic tranquility, and its delirious aggression, paired with the piss poor production and unrelenting tones, makes this one of the best splits in the underground European black metal scene of 2007, no questions.

Despite the fact there's only two songs here, both of which were released on their respective full-length album, they certainly seem to complement one another; as mentioned above, the characteristics of each are very similar. It's also only ten minutes in length, which some view as a negative; but honestly, how long can one tolerate such poor production and harsh, almost static tones? I'd say about ten minutes. And the fact that each band keeps their introductions brief is great. Horna's introduction sounds as if the drums reversed with some effects on the guitar, before erupting into a full force, blasphemic blackened thrash tune; whereas Peste Noire's introduction seems to complement the song itself; it just seems somewhat related to the song, which many introductions are not.

Each song seems to complement one another; in sum, there seems to be no real sense of versatility between the bands: harsh, aggressive, unrelenting black metal. Though, what lies beneath the sanctioned static and acrid, though ironically placid sensations throughout the split, is what gives each band their distinct sound. The melodic discord is undoubtedly the allure of Peste Noire; as many people before me, and many people after me will point out: the compositions of Peste Noire are simply genius. Horna's grasp, and in no way do I mean this as an insult, by any means, is more of a conventional grasp: black metal with aggressive thrash riffs and a general, overall influence of punk; it is common these days, with the increasing projects investing their time in creating what is dubbed as black 'n' roll, the overall popularity of the genre is equal to, if not surpassing that of harsh black metal, i.e. Peste Noire.

There's not exactly a lot to say about a two track, ten minute split EP. I'd recommend a fan of either band to check this out, and you'll most probably be pleasantly surprised with their counterpart. It's a neat little disc to add to the collection, in my opinion.

Contact: http://www.debemur-morti.com/

(article published 8/9/2009)

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