Majestic Downfall - _Temple of Guilt_
(My Kingdom Music, 2009)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
Their -- or rather his -- demo (re-released as a split with Ansia) was a likeable but unremarkable performance too strongly aligned to the early work of doom giants My Dying Bride and Anathema. By contrast his debut shows much greater individuation, and is a much more mature and developed work, drawing on the English greats and others for inspiration rather than adulation and imitation. Not all the work in Majestic Downfall is done by Mr Cordova; he has wisely enlisted the help of a session drummer and soloist to flesh out what are frequently weak points in one-man bands. Touches from other doom schools are also brought as extra colours for his musical palette. So far, so good, but then he introduces a vocal style appropriate for something upbeat and Swedish, not the morose tones of doom. Vocals aside, virtually all aspects are greatly improved upon earlier efforts and Cordova can give himself the proverbial pat on the back for the time and effort spent in honing his performance.


(article published 3/9/2009)

6/23/2007 J Ulrey 4 Majestic Downfall - The First Abyss
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