Urfaust - _Drei Rituale Jenseits Des Kosmos_
(Debemur Morti Productions, 2008)
by: S. Martin (9 out of 10)
_Drei Rituale Jenseits Des Kosmos_, the latest noisy installment from Netherlands' best, Urfaust. Three untitled tracks, clocking in at just over the twenty minute mark, this short EP leaves a strong impression on the listener. Having not been too fond of their earlier material the first time I had heard this, I certainly hadn't latched on to their old sound, so I appreciated this for all its worth, as opposed to comparing this to their older releases. Now, it's a different story; I mean, I do enjoy their previous material, but I still find this amongst their best effort to date. It's not all that different from the rest of their releases. All it lacks, which I guess is many people's favorite aspect of the band, is rock inspired vocal patterns and odd timed structures -- though on the contrary, as always, there's gigantic, thick, bassy soundscapes, tormented voices, and deprived screams; there's the orchestrations, and synths beneath it, and beneath that, lay solemn melodies, which, in this reviewers opinion, is the recipe to conjure absolute perfection. And I certainly place this as one of the best of 2008, no doubts.

The emotional, yet minimalistic approach, is certain throughout the album. I mean, each song is untitled, each song continues in the vein of the last and each song is played along the lines of droning black metal, it's certainly original, and it's even more enjoyable. Just what makes this album what it's worth? Certainly a hard question to answer. There's no specific aspect of this release, it's more-or-less a bit of everything; the harsh mix, the flowing production, the gigantic riffs that seemingly drift into one another, the uneasy emotions, the huge (and I mean huge!) soundscapes, and the use of real instruments... it's all astounding, especially in comparison to other bands that play a mixture of drone / black metal / ambient. This proves that harsh productions and tried and true riffs aren't necessary unless you want to be lost amidst all the mediocrity the scene is shitting out today, this is original, and some people just can't accept it... some people just want mediocrity. Whereas I, myself, do not.

The only problems with the release, which prevented a perfect score, is at times the vocals seem to not quite fit, and particularly at the start of the second untitled track, that beautifully empty soundscape just doesn't last long enough; it reminds me of unknown noise project, Derivatives. Other than that, this small release, _Drei Rituale Jenseits Des Kosmos_, will be one I'll be listening to for a long time to come. Hopefully the next full-length continues in the vein of this beautifully ugly release, I'll be looking forward to it. Strongly recommended.

Contact: http://www.debemur-morti.com

(article published 16/8/2009)

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