Anthropia - _The Chain Reaction_
(Adarca Records, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
More so than any other metal genre, power metal is the dominion of the large independents, but smaller labels are just as capable of delivering the goods, especially when other artists provide their implicit support (Tommy Hansen of Helloween mastered the CD, and Kevin Codfert of Adagio provides an ivory tinkling solo). The reason for their tacit thumbs up is clear: the production is strong, although not as lucid as the big boys, the musicianship is more than adequate and with a progressive touch, the vocalist is more than adequate -- with the caveat that these who don't approve of the German power metal style will disagree. Like any power metal band worth their codpieces, this is a conceptual work, albeit of a sci-fi nature rather than pilfered elvish fantasy. This won't knock the German power emperors off their throne, but will at the very least provide them with a bloody nose.


(article published 16/8/2009)

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