The Prophecy - _Into the Light_
(Code666, 2009)
by: Paul Williams (9 out of 10)
Living in the United Arab Emirates, you would have thought that there is very little that could get a person down. With all the sunny weather, warmth and the smiling faces of people who are generally happy with all the opportunities at their feet, you would have thought that nobody could get depressed. That is as long as they never hear _Into the Light_, The Prophecy's third full-length expedition into deathened doom metal.

These Brits produce some of the most soul crushing, emotionally charged doom around, but then what else would you play if you came from a place like Yorkshire? Whether the band members had a bad experience on a farm when they were younger or just find the ramblings of country folk to be suicidal thought provoking (I know I do), they have tapped into the same frosty vein of winter induced gloominess that is reminiscent of My Dying Bride in slower sections, but with a deathly touch of hell inspired blitz.

There is nothing inspiring about "Into the Light" however; crawling along at a snail's pace with demon grunts and moments of deliberately dreary silence before switching to a clean section. Those sections host haunting vocals that are notably different to the mourning style of Aaron Stainthorpe, but still contain a certain 'oomph' of emotive serenading. "Echoes" shows the band's more progressive side, while still maintaining the doom touches, with the song building constantly upon itself with guitar interludes and chugging riffs that get topped off with powerful solos. Of course for every emotion ridden song, The Prophecy sees fit to counter attack with an equally vicious melody, and that is why the beastial "Belief Means Nothing" exists: an infectious tune that is one part semi-technical ferocity and one part hopeless despairing lyrics.

Although many of you will probably agree with me when I say that one of the most saddening thoughts that comes to mind when listening to this band is that they have to live in Yorkshire, the other slightly maddening and extremely gloomy consideration is why a band like this is still supporting acts like My Dying Bride when it is obvious that they have their own outlook on the doom genre and can carry off their emotive material like any other group of gloomy bastards.


(article published 16/8/2009)

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