Dying - _Born From Impurity_
(Independent, 2009)
by: Paul Williams (8 out of 10)
_Born From Impurity_, the debut full-length of Spain's Dying, is, in contradiction to its title, an album born from the purest death metal influences, taking both stylings from their own continent and from across the pond.

Dying seem to go out of their way to re-create the energy that early Cannibal Corpse boasted, but mixed in with the crushing riffs and breakdowns that Suffocation used in albums like _Breeding the Spawn_. While vocals tend to lean towards a very American, Chris Barnes style, the guitar work is slightly more European; this is evident during the opening of "Experiment", where there is a mix of strummed riffs and tremolo. With "Heirs of a Curse" there is a variety of technical, high speed riffing for the first part of the song, while the end section delivers a slow but heavy riff that can only be described as the aural equivalent of being shoved into a car compacter and having the walls slowly crush you.

Production wise, _Born From Impurity_ is decent for a first album, but there are definitely places where it could be fine tuned -- like the singing, which is very low and at times seems to be clouded by the depth of the guitar and bass sound.

It will be interesting to see if Dying decide to become more technical in their playing as, at times, they do lean in that direction, as in "Death or Murder" with its changes in pace or "Dying for a Piece of Land", which shows a Carcass-esque dual guitar attack and grinding riffs. _Born From Impurity_ is hardly going to be Dying's best album or even their breakthrough into the main vein of the international death metal scene, but civilians should take it as a promise, or threat, that there is to be a blood-hungry Spanish Inquisition of defiling death metal over the next couple of years. Be wary.

Contact: http://www.dying.es

(article published 16/8/2009)

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