Suicide Silence - _No Time to Bleed_
(Century Media, 2009)
by: Jackie Smit (8.5 out of 10)
Like many other music scribes, I've made no attempts to mask my disdain for some of the pre-fabricated, conveyor belt dribble I've seen excreted from the bowels of major metal labels over the past few years -- particularly the seemingly endless slew of melodic and deathcore releases that, in my opinion, taint the very credibility of extreme music. Still, it's hard to argue that both of these sub-genres haven't managed to offer a few pretty stunning exceptions, and while it may take you yawning your way through a good fifty pig-squeal symphonies before you discover a Despised Icon or a Beneath the Massacre, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

Challenging each and every pretender to the throne is Suicide Silence, a group who made a bold statement on 2007's _The Cleansing_, their visceral if flawed debut, and on _No Time to Bleed_ stomp their way back into the fray with all the belligerence of a rhino with a case of the clap. Subtle it sure ain't, but when it comes to dropping a flurry of bass-heavy beatdowns that almost constantly jostle for position with a myriad of hyper-technical blasting flurries, and doing so in such a catchy fashion that each track should be quarantined, two years' hard road-graft has apparently turned Suicide Silence into the fucking grandmasters of metal at its most garish.

"Wake Up" gets the whole shebang underway, sounding pissed off enough to tear your throat out. "Something Invisible" boasts a break at 2:05 that may well prove too much to handle for certain sound systems. Yes, Suicide Silence play deathcore like their lives depended on it, but this isn't just another slab of generic twaddle. _No Time to Bleed_ has set standards that only a tiny handful have a hope of living up to, and has proven that Suicide Silence is fast evolving into a bona fide metal powerhouse.


(article published 30/7/2009)

4/13/2008 J Smit 7 Suicide Silence - The Cleansing
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