Zerstorer - _Declaration of War_
(Ashen Productions, 2009)
by: Paul Williams (8 out of 10)
German blackened thrashers Zerstorer offer up 37 minutes of unadulterated, hyperblasting sonic assault with _Declaration of War_; no atmospherics, no pointless filler, no mercy. This is Zerstorer's aural representation of the Germans' Blitzkrieg tactics during the Second World War but with more casualties and no funny moustaches. Starting off the hurt with "Metal Terror", a relentless hell raising riff with catastrophic drumming, and before the listener has time to recover the next high speed deplorable riff is upon them in "Hatred Rising". This is what Sodom could have been if they had been more blackened and a whole lot more evil.

Probably the best thing about Zerstorer is they aren't too one dimensional in their style of riffing, as you can easily tell the difference between the blackened death thrash of "Vengeance" and the purer black metal stylings of "Slaughter of Divinity". With the songs only lasting a few minutes at the most, the listener has no time to lose interest in such musical deities as "Pick Axe Blasphemy" or the crushing tone of "Total Frost". Zerstorer sum themselves up in five words on the inside of the album booklet: "Pure Panzer Metal. Fuck You!". Keep these boys away from UN negotiations or else we'll be in World War III in no time.

Contact: http://zerstoerer-panzermetal.de.vu/

(article published 18/7/2009)

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