Turrigenous - _A Slight Amplification_
(Independent, 2008)
by: Paul Williams (8.5 out of 10)
It is a very rare thing for a band to surprise me, but Turrigenous did, and for this I applaud them; for creating such unbelievably unique and well written heavy metal songs, or as they call themselves, "dynamic metal" songs. The three songs that appear on this EP are amazing from the start; each overflowing with technicality, melodies, and just pure awesomeness. The music has a sort of epic flow to it, like Cynic's _Traced in Air_, but it rampages like Mastodon's _Blood Mountain_. The vocals range between death growls and clean vocals that are very reminiscent of Tool / A Perfect Circle's mainman Maynard James Keenan's vox. Powerful drumming and an intense bass line are other notable features of Turrigenous' sound and both certainly add their own depth to the songs, but it is really the guitar work which steals the show.

While _A Slight Amplification_ starts off with a death metal guitar line, almost like a more structured Trey Azagthoth solo, and then rumbles off at lightning speed into a inhumanly technical Mastodon riff with ten times the quirkiness. "Emptiness, Darkness, Acceptance" is more in the realms of Cynic without the filtered vocals and atmospherics, setting a calm tone with a prominent bass. This is all until it all blows up into another intense show of blistering instrumental.

This is a band that really sets a path for others to follow with their technical virtuosity, yet they don't throw it in your face. In fact, they are more than happy to play at slowed paces with simple riffs, and this gives the music that much more accessibility. This truly is dynamic metal, and worthy of being checked out.

Contact: http://turrigenous.com/index.html

(article published 18/7/2009)

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