Ecthirion - _Apocalyptic Visions_
(Soundmass, 2009)
by: Paul Williams (6 out of 10)
Ecthirion's debut EP _ Apocalyptic Visions_ is what, to be able to genre-ise the sound, I believe to be experimental orchestral black metal. Having taken the blackened symphonic aspects of Dimmu Borgir and combined them with some of Turisas's more extreme battle metal moments, the music that appears on _Apocalyptic Visions_ is not half bad. Throw in bits of Bal-Sagoth filler, "Lord of the Rings" orchestrations and a decent production, and you have an eerie and interesting debut that, unfortunately, leaves the listener yearning for more.

At nearly 25 minutes, with five songs, I fully expected epic Wolves in the Throne Room length tunes that described these apocalyptic visions, yet I'm left with songs like "Warmageddon" with its delightable Latin chant, Turisas riffing and black metal shrieks, all of which build up to a terrific climax; but when you think about what you've just listened to, and for how long, there is little to do but sit and wonder what could have been if Ecthirion had just kept playing. The most probable is a higher rating, but due to the lack of material I just can't give it higher than a 6 on the basis that there is a quite a large amount of filler and, although this does add to the overall tone of _Apocalyptic Visions_, it tends to tread the fine line between music and bullshit.


(article published 18/7/2009)

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