Night Troll / Tremor of the Black Manx - _Circle of Witches / Armor_
(Jeshimoth Entertainment, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (0.5 out of 10)
If ever two bands vied for the title of worst band ever, then this is it.

Night Troll open with brief ejaculations of Ildjarn-like simple, raw monotony overlaid with brutal death styled vocals that have little bearing on the music. Same goes for the inept solos.

Tremor of the Black Manx opt for a highly synthetic and artificial instrumental version, with drums that can only be programmed and an extremely manipulated guitar tone no less artificial than the breasts of a page 3 girl. The songs are even shorter, and had they been developed they might have been worth a listen, but as is, they are nothing more than mere fragmented ideas for songs.

The half mark is for their creativity, especially the latter project. Perhaps if some effort was put into their songs, they might have something that warranted any interest, but at the moment it sounds like it was started and completed within spring break by six month guitar rookies.


(article published 12/7/2009)

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