Mike Patton - _Crank - High Voltage_
(4th Sun, 2009)
by: Daniel Cairns (9 out of 10)
Good old Mike Patton's shrieked his way back into public consciousness again recently. While never predominantly out of the public eye (he's always had some scat-break-rap-beatbox-thrash side project to promote) he's bobbed back into view more prominently. Over the last few months, he's done voices for video games (like "Bionic Commando", which no word of a lie, nearly had Paul McCartney's one legged ex-wife Heather Mills promoting it), made Italian pop with an orchestra and, oh yes... reunited with some band called Faith No More. Ring any bells?

And that's not all! He's also seen fit recently to make the music for the sequel to the most balls out mental film of all time. Nope, not "Gosford Park"... "Crank - High Voltage".

Just for reference, I have seen the movie, and can confirm that it might be the most staggering filmic achievement of this or any other century. It's basically "Grand Theft Auto: The Movie" and features the best, most gratuitous use of the word "cunt" I have ever happened upon. Take your grandmother to see it. It flies off in a million directions all at once, being sedate and considered one second, hideously bombastic the next, and then screaming fucking mental a moment later.

So who better than Patton to score it?

Like the film, the soundtrack is a snarling amalgamation of snotty attitude, porn star sleaze and hyper-surrealism. Opening with "Kickin'", which flits between hardcore and funk, it segues into "Chelios", which revolves around a simple, cyclical leitmotif that crops up at varying points throughout the movie. One minute it's delicate and minimalist, as sexy old Jason Statham wanders through an abandoned courtyard. The next minute though, the very same motif sounds huge and bombastic, as the bald English beefcake gleefully shoves a large shotgun up a man's anus. And when he turns into Chevzilla (I'm not making this up by the way)... well, you'll just have to hear and see it for yourself.

Basically, _Crank - High Voltage_ is a manic sun drenched panic attack that is simultaneously bamboozling and catchy, and straddles as many musical genres as Amy Smart straddles... well, you get the picture.

A testament to the music's strength is the fact that stripped of the context of the movie, it still shines. Patton's lexicon is pretty well documented on this soundtrack, and _Crank - High Voltage_ would serve as an excellent entryway for the uninitiated into his mad, mad musical world. If people enjoy this, they'd surely enjoy the myriad projects he's fannied about with, like Mr Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk, Peeping Tom, Lily Allen, Lady Gaga, Cher, etc., etc.

So yup. Check this out immediately. It's a great soundtrack to the best, most insane film ever. It's the perfect music to listen to in the car on a hot day with the window down, whilst you're getting shot at by Triads and Mexicans. And it's yet more from geek-music idol Patton. What more could you ask?

Also Amy Smart gets her tits out.

Contact: http://www.ipecac.com/

(article published 12/7/2009)

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