Aeternus - _Beyond the Wandering Moon_
(Hammerheart Records, 1997)
by: Andrew Lewandowski (9 out of 10)
Finally, a band that can be described as "black death" without the reviewer (or record company) implying that they don't equal the quality of pure death or pure black metal bands. _BtWM_ features a coherent synthesis of the morose, medieval melodies of modern black metal with the low end bombastic production of a death metal act. Aeturnus effortlessly alternate between blasting, breakneck passages and more absorbing moments akin to latter-day Burzum, where slight tonal variations lurk beneath a dense wall of sound. A powerful album which is one of the few to balance corporeal anger and ethereal, melancholic beauty.

(article published 16/10/1997)

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