Siren's Gate - _Haunt Me_
(Independent, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (5 out of 10)
Heavenly-voiced songstresses are not normally associated with NWOBHM revivalists heavily indebted to leaders such as Iron Maiden (see "Chains of Pain"), and it cannot be said that Siren's Gate have made it work. The vocalist's approach is not quite angelic; it's quite disconcerting, and although I struggle to fathom why, her more forceful approach is remarkably different from the fragile qualities of the European set. The vocalist obviously is the focal point, as should be the case, but she is far too prominent and the presence of hollow-sounding drums brings the production shortcomings to the fore. With the exception of the ballad-like title track, the other four songs are straightforward and uncomplicated NWOBHM, although the songs could be tighter with a stronger guitar sound. Do not be misled by this largely negative review; much of _Haunt Me_ is par for the course for a demo recorded by a young band intended to reflect future potential rather than current ability: it would have been better served as a full-fledged demo and not as an "independent EP". The latter creates higher expectations which Siren's Gate are, at this stage, unable to fulfill.


(article published 15/6/2009)

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