Regardless of Me - _The World Within_
(Locomotive Records, 2009)
by: Quentin Kalis (5.5 out of 10)
Regardless of Me are yet another nightingale-fronted new entity, but with a pop sensibility far greater than, say, Within Temptation or After Forever. Modern-sounding heavy metal riffs quickly cede ground to sexed up rock rhythms and even strands of trip-hop (think Portishead, Massive Attack), all merely an accompaniment to the warbling vocals of Pamela. The production is excellent, the musicians more than competent, even providing some intriguing solos, but it's all just a bit too commercial; the melody of "No One Cares", for instance, is pure pop and would not be out of place on "alternative" radio playlists. Despite dubious metal credentials, this may be ideal for those who would find Evanescence acceptable, but for their insipid songwriting. For most, with more angelic songstresses than one can shake a proverbial stick at currently doing the rounds, there is little reason to prefer _The World Within_ above heavier, more deserving acts.


(article published 15/6/2009)

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