Total Fucking Destruction - _Peace, Love and Total Fucking Destruction_
(Enucleation Records, 2008)
by: Paul Williams (8 out of 10)
So I just finished listening to the new Total Fucking Destruction album, _Peace, Love and Total Fucking Destruction_, and I now understand. Despite the fact that I had never listened to TFD before, but being established with the works by Brutal Truth and grindcore in general, I naturally thought that the title of this here album was just the dark humour that seems to contaminate this particular genre. Lo and behold when I listened to the album and found that it actually contains what can be envisioned as the aural equivalent of peace, love and total fucking destruction, but with very little of the first two.

An extremely melodic affair of punky riffs that have been slathered in grindcore morals and sentiments -- this is why we have the songs like "Doublespeaker" and "Non-Existence of the Self", both of which have a catchy tune thrown in between the breakneck drumming and tremolo picking. There are so many standout songs in this 23 track affair that it is hard to say what is best. Maybe it's the chugging style of "Fuck the Internet" with its chorus of "Fuck the internet! Fuck Myspace!" or the twelve second "Total Fucking Destruction" that shows off the band's grindcore credentials.

The variation in between grindcore, more traditional thrash and punk is probably why this is an invigorating album. The melodies are catchy enough to get people interested in the music, but there is enough of a Brutal Truth touch to keep extremists interested while still keeping it a separate project all together. The lyrics to "Grindcore Railroad" catch the whole persona of this album in the opening two lines: "All aboard, you won't be bored, on the grindfreak railroad". Well said sir, well said.


(article published 29/5/2009)

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