Anal Blast - _Vaginal Vempire_
(Nightfall / Terrorizer, 1998)
by: Paul Williams (4 out of 10)
If you have a fetish for songs about blood, sex, death, menstruation, more blood and animals, then you will most probably enjoy the death grind abuse of Anal Blast. With song titles like "Staple Your Puss Lips Together", "Menstral Pancake" [sic] and "Crimson Smell" you will either be physically sick and amused or physically sick and offended. Either way you -are- going to be sick as this four piece is unrelenting in spewing putrid, thrashy grind out of every cavity. With a parody cover of "Raining Blood" in the song "Spraying Blood - Blood Sprayer" this album doesn't have something for everyone. Actually, the vast majority of people would probably eat themselves so as not to have to listen to a man having sex with an animal, as is the case in "Farm Animal Hammer". Sadly, this song sums up the over all personna of the band.

(article published 29/5/2009)

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