Spectral Lore - _I_
(Temple of Torturous, 2006)
by: Paul Williams (7.5 out of 10)
If I was to talk about this band solely using the band biography provided by Temple of Torturous, I would know that Spectral Lore is a Greek black metal band and is a "deliberately mysterious project without an official website". Well, that sure beats being accidentally mysterious, but it makes me ponder the reason why this band wants to be mysterious. Maybe they were worried that I would find the album so terrible that I would write a review, naming everyone involved in the production of _I_, and declaring them all pathetic idiots who would never make it the music business. Never!

Well, luckily enough for them, I will have to refrain from my finger pointing and name calling (for now) as the individual Greek responsible for this Burzumish affair of experimental ambient black metal has actually done a decent job in developing an eerie atmosphere that, despite dragging on at times, is equal parts grand and subdued. It is probable that because this bloke stayed away from all living organisms while writing and recording this album, that he may have lost use of his voice and resorted to creepy whispers at odd times or the straightforwardness of not saying anything at all (perhaps he had nothing nice to say?).

Sometimes the atmospherics do pan out into an uncomfortable silence or the songs don't seem to connect in terms of tone, but it is worth the listen for the guitar and piano interludes in songs like "The Cleansing Rain /Morningrise in the Eternal Fields" or perhaps for the various instruments used in "Exodus" -- even if they were created electronically, the harmonica and sax fit in great and you would hardly think you were listening to an extreme metal band.

Contact: lycaon_ayr@yahoo.gr

(article published 21/5/2009)

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