Opaque Lucidity - _Opaque Lucidity_
(BadMoodMan Music, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (3 out of 10)
It is forgivable to believe that Opaque Lucidity are Slavic proponents of funeral doom misery; they are advertised as such and their members are involved in a handful of like-minded projects. Yet only a few snippets of arbitrarily placed riffs and desultory growls serve to remind the listener of their aspirations: the bulk of the album is dominated by an ambience so delicate it can only be heard at higher volumes. Yet even for an act dedicated to fleeting structures and sounds, this sounds incredibly elementary and each song sounds inchoate, as if it were still in development. The idea of a dreamy yet melancholic album with oppressive and overbearing funeral riffs is not devoid of merit, but needs much more work.

Contact: http://solitude-prod.com

(article published 21/5/2009)

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