Minotaur - _God May Show You Mercy... We Will Not_
(I Hate Records, 2009)
by: Quentin Kalis (5.5 out of 10)
Minotaur never managed to attain the elite pantheon occupied by fellow Teutonic thrashers, in part due to their preference for remaining ensconced within established parameters, and partially because they dropped out of the scene shortly after the release of their debut album in 1988. Twenty years later, they are back with their second full-length, which literally picks up where _Power of Darkness_ left off. The intervening years have left their mark on their increasingly lined faces and have provided an improved production, but otherwise, they are banging away as if it were 1985 all over again. There's nothing labyrinthine about their balls-to-the-wall thrashing, and the musicians perform competently if not expertly. The problem is that this really has been done before many times over and much better, with only the unusual screechy snarls providing something slightly different from the old-school thrash motif. It's unfortunate that they provided little of interest in the past two decades, but this CD does not justify a reunion.

Contact: http://www.minotaur-thrashers.de

(article published 21/5/2009)

3/14/1999 A Wee 9 Minotaur - Power of Darkness
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