Anubis Gate - _The Detached_
(Locomotive Records, 2009)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
Any prog metal album worth its diminished fifths has a concept, and these Danes are no different, providing extensive liner notes to advance their tale. For those who care, the narrative is based on the work of a Danish author about humans "detached" from mankind through their ability to defy space and time. Of greater interest is the music, which has everything your nightclad black metal buddies warned you against: lucid vocals in key, an intricate and precise performance with the usual proggy tricks of unusual time signatures and unusual chord progressions, all cocooned by a powerful production that allows every nuance to shine forth. Occasionally, they lurch into tangential bouts of technical ecstasy, but this will only chase away the beer-and-tits louts leaving more cerebral types wondering what the problem is. Nice one, guys.


(article published 21/5/2009)

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