Mournful Gust - _The Frankness Eve_
(BadMoodMan Music, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (4.5 out of 10)
Ukrainian newcomers Mournful Gust appear to be performing two distinct styles. The first is a classic death/doom, epitomized by "A Pain to Remember" and descended from the Peaceville doom trio of the early Nineties. The second style is more upbeat and mixes in a folk feel, best represented by "To Your Deceits... Again", which strips away all traces of doom. The remaining songs are located on a spectrum between these two styles, and it all feels rather uncomfortable, as if they aren't sure what they wish to pursue. I am left with the feeling that this is a band that can and does want to do something a bit different, both from other bands and within doom, but the vision they have is still clouded in mist and will need to be a lot clearer to be a satisfying listen.


(article published 21/4/2009)

3/2/2014 C Drishner 1 Mournful Gust - For All the Sins
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