Hesperia - _In Honorem Herois (Aeineidos Metalli Apotheosis Pt II)_
(Blazing Productions, 2009)
by: Quentin Kalis (3 out of 10)
This album is the second of four planned albums based around an epic poem by Virgil that celebrates the birth of Rome. It's an expansive concept and sole member Hesperus provides liner notes. A lot of thought must have gone into the realisation of this concept, thus it makes no sense to completely ruin it with a shitty sound and production. It's clear that the "Hesperus Grotto" studio can only be a basement, but even that does not excuse the excessive cacophony that ensues. The guitars are laden with far too much feedback, the drums are too weak -- ironic, as the session drummer uses the pseudonym "Hercules" -- and the narrated vocal style is drowned out. His concept demands an epic sound in the vein of Graveland or Hellveto, not the narrow confines provided by black metal. There may be some decent songs hidden under all the noise, but it takes concentration, far more than I'm prepared to expend on yet another overly raucous release. Unless Hesperus can provide something that does not sound as if it was recorded in the forests he is photographed lurking in, chapters III and IV will not be worth a listen any more than this album.

Contact: http://www.hesperianlands.tk

(article published 5/5/2009)

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