Diabolical - _The Gallery of Bleeding Art_
(Vici Solum productions, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (6.5 out of 10)
Part of the second tier of Swedish melodeath, Diabolical were overshadowed by leaders At the Gates, In Flames (before they lost the plot) and Dark Tranquility. The last I heard from them was _Synergy_, which left such a minimal impression that, initially, I did not even make the connection between it and _The Gallery of Bleeding Art_. Part of the reason is due to _TGoBA_ being a stronger, more encompassing and more memorable album with improved arrangements and recording; but not to the extent that their latest opus will elevate them to the melodeath vanguard. It's decent, barring the monotone growls, with several notable moments such as "Extinction", but in insufficient quantity for this to be anything other than a solid, above average effort.

Contact: http://www.diabolical.se

(article published 21/4/2009)

1/14/2002 V Eldefors 7.5 Diabolical - Synergy
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