Sorg Innkallelse - _...Night Black_
(Hexenreich Records / Akne Productions, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (6.5 out of 10)
The Scandinavian name is apt for a frosty blackened assault, but misleading as Iran, not Sweden is the homeland of this morbid duo (now a one-man project). Outside of a war zone, Iran is probably the most metal unfriendly nation, and metal is officially illegal, but Sorg Innkallelse has managed to stay below the radar of the authorities and have accumulated an enviable back catalogue. They utilize a drum machine, which I normally abhor, but this is one of the few instances where I can excuse its use -- if New York and London based bands whine about the lack of a suitable drummer, imagine how much harder it must be in such a metal unfriendly environment. Some melodies are heavy rather than black in origin, but they remain unabashed and competent additions to the Norse school of black metal, one that evokes icy tundras rather than dry water parched landscapes. The production is hardly high end, but is apt and they do not bury their guitar under a mountain of distortion, and in many places it has a jangly edge. It's not the most devastating entrant to the genre, but when taken for what it is, it is more than satisfying.


(article published 21/4/2009)

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