The Silverlane - _My Inner Demon_
(Drakkar, 2009)
by: Charlotte Beskeen (2 out of 10)
The Silverlane have released _My Inner Demon_ on the crest of a burgeoning wave of power metal that's recently crashed onto English soil. It is an eclectic and rather cushy-sounding collection of mellow, yet crunching, Maindenesque twin guitar lines coupled with an amiable yet sluggish heavy metal core. In addition there is a sugaring of poppy tints of synth and clumpy, syrupy-thick melodies bubbling underneath throughout. All this is capped off with the trademark testosterone-fuelled heroism of power metal lyrics.

You can see why The Silverlane have done this: the traditional popularity of old-school heavy metal combined with blandly poppish melody will surely entice a new generation of wannabe metal heads. Yet when the beginning of every track has clearly been recycled off Sirenia's hideously poppy _At Sixes and Sevens_, and added to tragically staged key changes and uninteresting drum work that clatters away with excruciating slowness, the album loses all traces of credibility in a sheer belly flop towards commercial appeal. Worst of all is The Silverlane's capacity for writing the most simplistic and childish lyrics, which when coupled with unnecessarily frilly guitar lines and sappy piano solos gives the likes of Miley Cyrus more metal credibility than this sorry lot. If this is what is happening to modern metal, I'll be damned.

(article published 21/4/2009)

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